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"Connect the value of our customers"

GCI was established in 2015 and currently holds more than 20 patents both in Korea and abroad.
Based on these technologies, we have developed OFIX.

Depending on wavelength, OFIX can be modularized from low to high specifications
and can be purchased for 1/3 of the cost compared to the existing one.
Through GUI function using smartphone not only we’ve made the equipment lighter but also could handle
the failure immediately by sending the measured data to the monitoring center in real time.
It’s small and light but uses advanced signal processing technology to perform well.
OFIX will make a better working environment for the service providers and maintenance companies.
The OFIX-2 and OFIX-T, which are mounted on the optical communication equipment,
will extend the market beyond the wireless network to the wired network.
The IOT-based OFIX-GRID will not only monitor optical cables in real time, but it will also use deep learning technology to predict potential failures.

Through OFIX, GCI will become a company that provides a recovery solutions to communication failure and goes beyond to connect the value of our customers.