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  • About GCI
  • To connect the value of our customers
    We will provide IoT-based ultra-degradable portable optical cable measurement solution
    we will further protect our valued customers with
    the goal of intelligent optical cable measurement solution.
  • Main Business / Main Products
  • Optical Measurement Instruments and Wire/Wireless Communication Equipment
    ● Optical-Fiber Line Measurement Equipment(OTDR)
    1. OFIX(Portable OTDR)
    2. Minion(SFP OTDR)
    3. Spider(Line-attachable OTDR)
    ● Optical sensor and IoT applications
  • Total of 27 Intellectual Property Rights
U.S. Registered Patent 1 case
PCT Application 6 cases
Korean Registered Patent 13 cases
Other trademarks, etc. 7 cases
  • Total of 14 Product certification
Foreign CE, FCC, RoHS 12 cases
Korean KC 2 cases