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GCI connects Your value
  • Background of foundation / Present conditions
  • 1. It was established with an aim to emerge as a small giant company in the wire and wireless convergence industrial sector
    2. Currently pursuing to grow into a world-class OTDR in design, in development and as a production specialist.
    3. Pursuing to create top product lineup by developing/applying main technology.
  • Corporate vision
  • Connect the value of our customers
  • The general conditions of the company
Company name GCI, GCI Inc.
The date of foundation June 29, 2015
CEO Bong-guk Yu
Location Annex #308, 99, Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
(220 Gung-dong, Chungnam National University, (W1)Cooperation Center for Industry)
Main business Optical measuring instruments and wire/wireless communication equipment
Main products Portable optical measuring instruments and wireless model application products
About GCI Inc.