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OFIX is an optical measurement device brand developed by GCI Inc. that includes an OTDR(Optical Time Domain Reflectometer), an optical Powermeter, VFL(Visual Fault Locator), and other various measurement functions.

Modularization of measurement functions
- OTDR functions are modularized so that only necessary specifications (wavelength, distance) can be purchased
Easy to carry
- GUI functions using Mobile app, make OFIX smaller and lighter
Affordable price
- Can be purchased for 1/3 of the cost compared to the existing one
Convenient transfer of measurement results
- Instantly send it to the central server via the file-saving feature of Mobile app
Optimal performance for maintenance work
- Dynamic Range: 30dB (In case with 0.5dB/Km Optical Loss, Reach Distance is 50Km)
- Event Dead Zone: 1.2m
- Attenuation Dead Zone: 4m
OFIX Datasheet