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OFIX, a brand launched by GCI Inc., a company specializing in OTDR with a vision of connecting customer's broken values, is an IOT-based portable OTDR. In 5G mobile communication and CCTV networks, where communication demands are increasing exponentially in recent years, OFIX quickly finds the point of failure when an optical fiber that constitutes the network is disconnected. It has a light weight of 340g and a compact size of 91*175*33mm, so it is easy to carry so that you can hang it on your neck and lightly climb an antenna tower. In addition, since measurement results are stored indefinitely on smartphone, measurement results can be conveniently transmitted anytime, anywhere. Therefore, OFIX is an essential optical-fiber line measurement equipment for telecommunication service providers or companies that build, operate and maintain optical cables.

OFIX2.0 Datasheet

OFIX2.0 Manual Video